Less traveling for thy itchy sole.

The temptation is maddening but adventures, wayfaring and more exploration will sally forth soon. Its one BIG marshmallow test, dude.

Just thought you should know so you'd never wonder why I'm cavewoman -like nowadays. 

So I guess, lesser backpacking for the first half of 2014. (Wait, what? sounds like a bad sentence to begin with for a travel blog eh) I know, travelling can be a bit overwhelming. Its nice to hop on buses through buses and stay at different hostels( and plans for the summer is now out of the picture) The passion for traveling will always be there but for the meantime, this little wanderer shall rest.  I recently came across an idea which motivated me to focus on better things. Some things I'd like to keep for myself. I am 23 for goddamn sake and I'm not getting any younger. I need to scheme better. 

Let's just say I am delaying gratification. Two marshmallow's better than one right? (awkward smirk) The future scares me... in a nice way. I am driven by fear, when I'm fearful, I claim fearlessness and I feel free. I don't want to waste time (again). It's the perfect time to make beautiful memories and perfect time to make up for the lost time. It is a crazy beautiful ride, my dear friend. Always have been.

Eyes on the prize, man. This is just a phase.. Holy, 6 freaking months. Well, 3 freaking months to go. Time flies so fast so don't worry, we will get there. BETTER and BOLDER.  

Well, if my bank account is as fat as me then that won't be a problem and let's bring this post down the bin... No, nope. but who knows?  I'm open to changes of plan. hmm hmm

there goes my midnight drama cause by excessive late night caffeine intake. how about I start writing my backlogs of 6 months? ktnxbye


  1. Aww, it's okay. I get you. Though we have different passions in life, I get what it means to 'stop' doing what you love doing because you need to think about yourself more. I love buying makeup because of my blog but I also need to save for my future. It's kinda hard, really. It's okay to be driven by fear. It keeps us alert & cautious. methinks :)

  2. I really do hope we can travel together sis... or you know, remember what we talked about on FB haha.
    Even for travellers, rest is still essential. :)
    Goodluck in the coming months!

    1. hahaha sis! Im really looking forward to that! Lets do it this june!

  3. Ok lang yan love, madami pa namang time to travel pero basta pag ok ka na ulit mag travel don't forget to include manila sa list. I want to meet you in person! :)

  4. Hi love! Yes, Im quite tinatamad din lately and I enjoy being at home. I actually have a scheduled trip to manila second half of 2014 :) Will pm you whenever! xx

  5. You're still lucky coz you got to travel a lot. At a very young age, you'll be visiting more places in the near future. I regret that I haven't enjoyed my life when I was your age. I seldom go on a travel, I missed a lot of adventures but life is too short so I think this year will be a year for me to travel more often.

    1. Hello Kath! Its so heartwarming to read your comment. Thank you. I hope you get to travel often this year.Light and love to you! xx


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