A visit to Bukidnon promises daring adventure and nature exploration. I am one proud Bukidnon. I am born and raised here and I love that we have so much to offer in terms of adventure. Waterfalls hopping, river trekking, mountaineering, caving,etc. During the #TravelMindanao escapade. We went to my hometown in Quezon, Bukidnon (Kiokong, Bukidnon). We went down the river and explored the Blue Water Cave. I've been here countless times already but every visit is always a memorable one.

We swam on the first cave mouth and spent most of our time there. It was a good time. The cold water was so refreshing! 

#TravelMindanao Team inside the eerily beautiful cave. Swimming!!!!

 After about an hour or two we made our ways back for our most awaited adventure. Rappelling down the Pulangui bridge. Their gears are new and fairly safe. At a fee of 350php/head you get to enjoy a thrilling adventure.

To be honest, I was scared, I am a scaredy cat but I found my self laughing the whole time. 

At 47m high or around a hundred and fifty feet high, the team conquered it! Rapelling is a technique that allows you to control your descent down a cliff or mountain. It's quite not easy especially for first- timers as your gripping can make or break your descent. It's thrilling to abseil down the river from the bridge at a 5-6 storey building height. BUT this is an activity for everyone! Anyone can enjoy it! 

this is a very useful reminder:  Remember that the rope is ALWAYS there and YOU CANNOT FALL. So relax, the river won't eat you alive. Stop whenever you want and just breathe,  just clear your head and have a good time. works every effin time.

The team! We truly enjoyed our visit and we sure had a lot of fun. How does a face down first rappelling sound?  Aha! Next on the list!!! Perhaps, I can start looking for cool sunglasses online so I'd look cool while abseiling face down first? Hmm have you heard of Zalora Philippines? They actually have cool stuff and Im eyeing some of their running shoes on sale. I also found out they have cool Sunglasses for women at Zalora.  I gotta give this a try.

 It was a nice experience and one should try it when visiting Bukidnon. 

Contact #:  09063480236



  1. Wow! I need to try this rappeling.it has been awhile since I've visited Bukidnon and have not been to Quezon.Thanks for sharing your hometown.

    1. Hi! I hope you could visit again and experience this activity. Thank you!! xx

  2. Replies
    1. tapang-tapangan lng katapat nyan. Tinawanan ko lang ung takot :P Thank youuuu!!! xx

  3. Omg! I wonder if I can do this. I mean I know I'd be trembling just by looking at the river! Kaw na jud gang!

  4. Na-try ko na magrapel sa 15storey high na falls, gusto ko eto naman! :-)

  5. What vendor did you use? My team and I would love to do this! Matt 09051448837


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