How to Pack for Two Climates in One Trip

How to Pack for Two Climates in One Trip

Planning a round the world trip, or visiting a country with temperamental weather patterns? Not sure what to pack? While it can be tempting to cater to all weather variations by packing everything in your wardrobe, chances are, you’ll experience a jack-in-the-box effect every time you unzip your suitcase! This isn’t much fun when you are on the road. So how do you pack everything you could possibly need without having to sit on your suitcase to shut it? Firstly, you’ll need just the one suitcase or backpack, ensuring that it has a variety of compartments. If you need any ideas on the types you should get, check out this URL . Next comes the fun part – packing! Here’s what to fold, roll, or tuck into your suitcase on your all-weather excursion.


Wearing multiple layers is a good way to save space and keep warm in the colder climates. Warmth is created through layers not through the thickness of clothing material, so choose a light jacket paired up with layers to fend off the cold. This is critical for controlling temperature. Considering you've got multiple shirts, in the hotter climates you will have more outfits to wear which is helpful if you're on the beach – sand goes everywhere.

The Lower Region…

In order to keep your lower body warm, wear tights or thermals underneath your jeans. You could also wear multiple layers of socks to keep your feet warm. If your feet are nice and toasty you are less likely to catch a chill and get sick. As for the cargo pants and shorts (or skirts) keep those for hot days.

Double Your Swimsuit as Underwear

Instead of packing two weeks' worth of underwear, pack a couple of swimsuits because they can double up as undergarments. If you were on a tropical island, wearing your swimsuit everywhere is the fashion.

Be Practical with Your Shoe Choice

Instead of taking your whole collection of sandals and sneakers, take one pair of each, but only the ones that can last a long hiking trip. Essential pairs of shoes would be a pair of sandals, sneakers, and boots. If you plan on hitting the town while you’re away, you can never go wrong with classic black heels.

Versatile Outerwear

If you're going to formal events pack a nice coat or blazer. But if you plan to be practicable pack a waterproof jacket, or a nice vest because they can be worn on their own while still making you look fashionable.

Choose Items You Can Wear More Than Once

Less is always more when it comes to packing for a trip. This is a concept that many Parisians apply to their wardrobes. They have a five piece concept wardrobe and they buy quality instead of quantity. For starters, try with buying neutral coloured clothing like white, blue, black, and grey because these colours suit many occasions. For example, a black dress is great to wear out at a nice restaurant because the style never goes out of fashion and you can also wear the same black dress to go sight-seeing. Most hotels also offer laundry services or for a cheaper option use the local Laundromat.
What would you pack in your suitcase? Leave your ideas in the comments below.

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