La Rose Noire, Philippines

On our first day of #MetroAngelesFoodTour2014 event we first went to the factory of La Rose Noire, Philippines. We were welcomed by the sweet and tempting smell of pastries. We were brought to a room full of delectable snacks! ( I died!) 

 La Rose Noire is a swiss boulangerie, patisserie, and confeserie conceived in 1991 by Swiss founder Gerard Dubois. La Rose Noire is an international supplier of sweet and savory cones, tart shells, baskets, cones, basket stands and a lot more with more than 20 retail stores around the globe.

We were able to sample some of their goodies (Photos Below)

Sweet and Savory Cones

 Handcrafted Macarons

 Special Breads


 Danish Bread

Egg Tarts


Everything was delectable but my personal favorite would be the VIP danish and VIP croissants. Its super flaky and butter-y good! Everything is made of high quality ingredients so its undeniably of top notch quality.

Thank you La Rose Noire for Having us.

La Rose Noire Philippines
Clark Freeport Zone, Mabalacat City, Philippines
+63 45 499 3010
Werdenberg Int’l Corporation
+63 2 840 3771 to 82

This is part of Metro Angeles Food Tour 2014 held last July 5-7, 2014 which aims to promote best restaurants and hotel in Pampanga. Participated by 12 bloggers from all over the Philippines. La Rose Noire is one of the partners in the said event.


  1. Saw my fave -- the savory curry-flavored passion cone!

  2. hi, do they sell their product at the factory for walk-in costumers? thanks


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