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Its been a month since I arrived home from almost two months of backpacking. It was amazing and tiring at the same time. Imagine, having to rush your laundries before you leave a place to another city. So since I arrived home all I did was basically, eat, make, sleep. It's fun! I love it! I cook and eat delicious foods, make beautiful thingamajigs outta something, and sleep. What a reward.

I haven't blogged much since I came home so Im sharing you my life lately in Instagram photos.
A few peeks into my life from the past couple of weeks.

Days would consist of eating meals infront of my pc while working. or....

Making beautiful things.. Dreamcatchers, pillowcases, photos to hang or simply cluttering my room. lol

I miss goin on an epic adventure again, although its awesome I get guests to tour around my sleepy hometown -- I am not going to any trips just yet. I still have a lot in my hands that needs attention.

So yeah life's been pretty chill lately, its wonderful!!! I miss being on the road though and would want to maybe go to the nearest beach. I chance upon a gorgeous selection of shoes at Zalora . There's a strappy and thong sandal that I really really like. Zalora is really my favorite shopping arena when it comes to footwear. I might do a little shopping over the weekend and maybe  drag a few friends to the beach by the end of the month. Who knows. I'm very spontaneous like that.

I.Cant.Stop.Instagramming. If you'd like to take a peek of my day to day sweet nothings in square format then go ahead, follow me @Shugahgonzales

mwahaaaa Thanks for dropping by! For now lemme enjoy my clean sheeets! 

Ofcourse, that's my sister not me. lolseeya!

xx, Shugah

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