Boracay photo diary

Goodbye, Manila! Off to Kalibo!
 Boracay isn't on top of my list but since I already ditched India and all other plans, I know I gotta go somewhere, then I thought of Boracay. I gotta see and check it out my self why people keep raving about it.

Never miss Uncle Chin's Chicken when flying with Airasia :P

Quick boatride to Boracay Island
 The van ride from Kalibo to Caticlan was smooth. I think I slept all throughout the trip, that's why. Fees at Caticlan jetty port was insane! Whatever.

Arrived around 1 in the afternoon but since my host still got a meeting somewhere. I took the opportunity to eat as I was super starving. Thank heavens for Mcdo and Leylam's Shawarma. Lunch solved.

first glimpse of white beach Kiddos and their lively band

My host picked me up after her meeting and we went straight to her house which is by the way, a gorgeous 2-floor Mediterranean house just behind station 3. Awesome! I just changed clothes and went straight to the beach.

I don't know how you did it but you were goood! awesome talent!

Beautiful sunset colors.

We ended the day with some pina coladas and some Jenga (which I can proudly say Im pretty good at!)

So yea, basically that's my first day in Boracay. It was nice and Ate June introduced me to her friends every time we see them along the beach or road. Boracay hospitality through my amazing host.
The next days went by so fast. I went there to just chill so yeaa go with the flow. I start my day with a huge breakfast.

Either I eat out.....

or cook my own food.

but most of the time, I cook my own food or eat at Pancake House, Mcdo, Hobbit House, Mesa or the more affordable Andoks.

I spend hours and hours at the beach despite the number of crowds. You see, I hate crowds. I enjoyed it nonetheless. Its also amusing to see hundreds of people in one beach strip; sharing one beautiful sunset.

Beachin hard with Ate June.

and some more beachin. I came her to relax anyway.

Fave spot! @ Station 3

Boracay pre sunset

Golden hour

Sunset at Diniwid Beach

Afternoon chillin at Nui Nigi Nigis

I usually end my day with cheap buy one take one drinks at Red Coconut (my favorite!),Nui Nigi nigis, exit bar and a few bars I couldn't even remember. #noimnotalcoholic

L-R: Me, Ate Sweet, and Jul

Amazing that my long time online friend, Ate Sweet was also in Boracay! We've been friends online since 2010 (?) I can't even remember but yea we've just met after yeaaaaaaaaaaaars and years! My favorite Ate in the whole www!

And yes my newly wed cousins were also in Boracay for their honeymoon so yay!  I spent my last day in Boracay with them.

Rainy Boracay 

I wouldn't mind spending hours under the sun.

Nasi Lemak was good! I wasn't able to try the Korean Beef Stew cos I gave it to my friend, Drey, who willingly waited and drove me from NAIA T4 to Quezon City. You are awesome, Drey!
I can't get enough of AirAsia meals. I love it! 

It was a week of pure relaxation and having fun. Seven days practicing the art of doing nothing! 
It was a nice getaway despite the storm delaying my flight back to Manila for five hours. 


  1. Splendid photos, aww this makes me want to go to Bora again ;)

    The Flower Duet

  2. I love Boracay. When I'm there, I kind of just go with flow as well.If you want a relaxing vacation, Bora is one of the place to be. Do you agree?


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