VIDEO: Tinago Falls for the nth time

Just a quick update! Here's a video of me and my friends when we went to Iligan City last week.

I love Iligan City and I love love love Tinago falls. It's without a doubt my favorite waterfall in the Philippines. I've written about it a long time ago and you can read it here. (I've been to more than 30 waterfalls so yea I can proudly say that. ) Every visit is such a sweet one. We really had a great time and spent most of our time jumping, swimming and enjoying the lovely turquoise water of Tinago falls.

Lately, I am  into group travels as it is fun and hellavuh crazy especially when you're with a good bunch. I am so glad I was able to join my friends on an adventure to Iligan City! Here's to more travels together!


Wish you were here, 
Wander Shugah

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