GUIDE: Osmeña Peak, Dalaguete, South Cebu

Osmeña Peak is said to be the highest mountain in Cebu. Approximately 1000 meters above sea level. It's about two hours (or about 80kilometers) away from Cebu City by bus.  Dalaguete is also known as the "Vegetable Basket of Cebu", thus, veggy bagsakan.

I hailed the bus to Santander and dropped off at Dalaguete town proper. Travel time is around 2 hours but due to traffic, I arrived an hour delayed. 

I rode a trike to the mountainous barangay of Mantalongon where I spent the night. Habal habal ride is Php40 one way and around 30 to 40 minutes travel time. By the way, I spent the night at the Brgy. Hall's Library where I met the friendly locals of Mantalongon who helped made this trip/hike possible. They went extra mile to help this solo wanderer have a safe adventure. One of them was John, who willingly toured me around, visited the "Bagsakan" area of the vegetables, and joined me for dinner. 

I woke up pretty pretty early to catch the sunrise at the peak.

I also met a nice local, Marcus, the day before my hike  who offered me pick up and drop off to the peak plus a ride back to Dalaguete proper for a very reasonable price. He picked me up around 5am and off we went to the jump off point to the peak.

Yep, that's my guide right there. 

The trek was easy according to my guide but being me, someone who always come unprepared, felt that the trek was hellish but that is just me. I did reached the peak in one piece but with hungry stomach and held breathes though. 

"I wanted to be here. I wanted to conquer it." I said to my self.

It was a Monday so I assumed there won't be much crowd and to my surprise, there were a quite number of campers. Yikes! Anyway, we took turns in taking photos. ha!

 "EASY" trail. I scaled the mountain in less than an hour. WHAT.AN.ACHIEVEMENT. WOW. 

The view at the peak is marvelous! You'll get a glimpse of the neighboring towns and the shorelines of Badian. The lush greens surrounding the peak, oh so so beautiful. 

There, I sat and just watched the beautiful view unfold before my eyes. For someone who never climbed a mountain, this is really something to me. I'ts really beautiful up there. 

YAY to conquering mountains! Not my thing but you know, it's one for the books. 

Oh how I really wish to extend my stay there but the sea is calling and I must go. Char! haha Next stop: The mystic town of Boljoon! Stories soon!

Traveller's Note: 

  • Ride any bus bound to Oslob or Bato from South Bus Terminal in Cebu. Fare is around Php150. (Travel time is around 2-3hrs depending on traffics)
  • Drop off at the Dalaguete Junction/ Bus Stop. 
  • Ride a habal habal/trike to Mantalongon for Php200 "pakyaw" rate (Travel time is 30-45 minutes)

or...... if you are alone, like me.
  • Ride the habal habal along with the locals who are bound to Mantalongon, the motorcycle can carry up to 3 passengers. Fare is Php40/ way
  • In Mantalongon, you may hire a tricycle to bring you to the jump off point or base for a fair price of Php50/way (Travel time is less than 30 minutes)
  • If you plan to stay a bit longer at the peak, you may negotiate with your driver to wait for you or come back to you at your preferred time.
  • GUIDE FEE: Php100 (No fixed price)


Wander Shugah


  1. Props to solo female travelers! <3 #girlcrush kaayo! <3

  2. Gusto namin to puntahan kaso kulang kami sa oras :( Also, we've used a lot of energy on canyoneering na haha so next time, we'll go here :)

  3. Wow! I adore you for traveling solo I wish I could do it din soon. :)


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