Preparing for the Laser Hair Removal Process

Preparing for the Laser Hair Removal Process
Lasers are basically focused beams of light that are on certain particular frequencies and have been developed to serve specific purposes, such as getting rid of unwanted hair. The process of removing body hair with lasers has been done for many years, but that doesn't meant that going in for laser hair removal is an easy thing to do. It isn't as simple as going to the supermarket or seeing a movie. It's a medical procedure that you have to prepare for properly to ensure the best chance of it succeeding with limited or no side effects.

Waxing or Shaving Before Laser Treatment?
The interesting thing about laser treatment for unwanted hair is that it targets primarily the hair below the surface. In fact, the heat from the laser devices can cause burns if you go in for treatment with hair still showing above the surface. That's why your technician might start the appointment by shaving the area to be treated.

That said, shaving is the only thing you should do in terms of removing hair before your appointment. Electrolysis, waxing, plucking, or anything else that impacts the part of each hair that lies below the surface is a bad idea. Those processes can all have a negative impact on how the hair removal devices work and wind up giving you mixed or bad results.

Special Considerations Regarding Laser Hair Removal
There are a couple of special considerations to think about when you're deciding whether or not to have laser hair removal. One of them is how much hair you want to remove and where that hair is located. Most of the time, laser hair removal is used more to treat larger areas. A few stray hairs may be more cost-effective to just pluck or shave away at home.

Additionally, you need to keep in mind that some areas of the skin are more sensitive than others. In particular, laser treatments should not be done in the area around the eyes. So, if that is a concern for you, you might need to seek other methods of hair removal instead.

Your Skin May Dictate the Procedures for Which You Qualify
Not everyone qualifies for every type of laser treatment. For example, most lasers shouldn't be used on oily skin. Also, some lasers don't work well on those whose skin has a darker pigment. Technological advances have made it possible for dark skinned people to be treated by lasers. However, if your skin happens to be a darker tone, it will be up to you to find a laser that is advanced enough to treat you.

Don't Get Treatment at Any Random Spa or Business
Beware of laser treatments done in spas or other business settings that are not hospitals or skincare clinics. Many spas don't have workers with the proper certifications or training. All that some of those businesses care about is making a profit, not improving your skin health.

Only Entrust Your Skincare to Professionals
Even though there are inexpensive spas out there that do laser hair removal, and there are even at-home hair removal lasers you can buy, you shouldn't jump right into those treatments. It's better to only entrust your skincare to professionals. Trained skincare experts can help you to get rid of your unwanted hair in the most efficient and least risky way.

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