South Cebu has a lot to offer, beautiful beaches, fun activities, chasing waterfalls, and some other fun adventurer stuff to do.

You may need 5 days to a week to fully enjoy the Southern part of Cebu. In my case, I spent 6 days in the area where I stayed in a budget-friendly lodging house in the South Cebu. Some things here might not catch your interest, so feel free to just skip that. Anyways, these are just a guide, merely a reference.
Suggested route: Dalaguete > Boljoon > Oslob > Badian > Moalboal > Carcar


Dalaguete is a first class municipality in Southern Cebu.  Dalaguete is also known as "Little Baguio" and is also considered as the "Vegetable Basket in Cebu". They have a cooler climate here, thus, most vegetable plants and crops grows healthily in the highlands of Dalaguete.

What to see and do in  Dalaguete?

  • Osmeña Peak -  said to be the highest mountain in Cebu. Approximately 1000 meters above sea level.
Aside from Osmeña Peak, you can also visit Obong Spring, Kulabyaw Cave, Gakub Spring and some other peaks with good vantage point.

  • Veggie Shopping - It's cheap and the vegetable option here is massive. 

Where to stay? 

  • Mantalongon Brgy. Hall ( I stayed here) 
  • Pink House - 09351860636 / P150 per head
  • Emil Lodging House -  09075696566 P150-P250/head
  • Angie Soriano Lodging House- 0922 472 5532 P100/head


Boljoon is one of the oldest town in the Philippines. I had the privilege to do a heritage tour/walk with the Tourism officer in charge, Mr. Villanueva and it's amazing. This town is my favorite amongst all town I've visited in Southern Cebu. This charming little town is beautiful and is rich with history dating back even before the Spanish Occupation in 16th century.

What to see and do in Boljoon?

  • Nuestra Senora Patrocinio de Maria Church - over a 400 years old church puts you across on the spanish era. The church is enriched with intricate carvings, paintings and bass relief. It has a pseudo baroque rococo style and is made of coral stones.
  • El Grande Baluarte-  Believed to have been built by Fray Julian Bermejo on 1808 and is the main fortress on the church complex's fortification which is now a bell tower.
  • Baluarte sa Fuente-  Bult sometime in 1880 and has an octagonal plan. 
  • Ili Rock - The second most popular landmark in Boljoon is the Ili Rock, sadly, as of this writing, the famous landmark has been excavated to make way for a new road.
  • Othere heritage sites in town: 
    • Dr. Niere Ancestral House
    • Cirilio Sestoso Ancestral House
    • Boljoon Bridge
    • Gabaldon Building
    • Banyo sa Poblacion
    • Boljoon's Museum
    • Ili Watch tower ruins
Where to stay?

  • Club Fortmed - 032 -482-9051
  • Lusapon Beach Resort - 032- 482-9077
  • Palanas Farm & Resort - 032-520-5641
  • Brumini Beds & Beach Resort- 032- 482-5627


Oslob, apart from being known for the Whale Shark( AKA Tuki for the Locals) Watching, Oslob is one charming town and has rich and diverse culture. I enjoyed visiting its heritage sites. 

Note: Sorry, but I'm one of those few people who firmly believe that the Whale Shark watching has a negative impact on these innocent underwater mammal. The change in migratory patterns could affect the future breeding prospects of whale sharks.Also, poor nutrition. I could write a long ass post about this but maybe soon.  Although, I am very happy for the people of Oslob nonetheless. So there, no nope. No Whale Shark Watching tips and guides from me.  

What to see and do in Oslob?

  • The Old Spanish Cuartel - 
  • Baluarte- 
  • The National Heritage Church of Oslob
  • Tumalog Falls- 
  • Sumilon Island
  • Whalesharks Watching - okay, if you really want that.

Where to stay in Oslob?
  • New Pacific Lodge (I stayed here) 
  • LuzMin Boarding House 
  • Mila's Inn
  • BCD's Place


Badian- 98km southwest of Cebu is a town famous for their exhilarating canyoneering adventure, but apart from that, Badian is home to the beautiful Kawasan falls and its vast mangrove forest. This is also one of my favorite towns in the South. In fact, I have visited this town thrice in 1 year.

What to see and do in Badian?

  • Downstream Canyoneering -  This is a very fun activity to do in Badian especially with friends. All the jumping off cliffs and swimming is so much fun! 
  • Kawasan Falls - Dip and dive into the unbelievably turquoise water of the Three layered Kawasan Falls. Kawasan Falls is really captivating. 
  • Lambug Beach- I happen to book an Airbnb room just a few walks away this beach. It is a short strip of white sand beach with a beautiful view of the sunset facing the island of Negros.

Moalboal - One town that I also love in South Cebu is Moalboal. It's pretty laidback and chill here. It is about 2.5Hr from Cebu City. Moalboal is famous for its amazing dive spot and one of the best underwater life.

What to do in Moalboal?

  • Go Diving. Go Snorkeling - For a truly memorable vacation or visit, one MUST dive or snorkel in Moalboal. I'm saying this because Moalboal's underwater life is spectacular! Sharks, Whalesharks, wreck diving, sardine run (boy oh boy, the sardine run is breath taking!) and colorful corals! There are tons of certified dive shops around Panagsama beach. 
  • Beach Bumming- You can choose to chill in Basdaku or Panagsama, both are nice but Basdaku has a nicer view, also, Basdaku for the white sand. 
  • Dive. Dine. Drink. Repeat - It's a popular saying in Moalboal. The "Dive. Dine. Drink. Repeat" lifestyle is strong here. Well, you're there for a holiday so might as well, go do it! 

Carcar-  is a heritage town in Cebu, about an hour away from Cebu City. Being a heritage city, the structures of historical and cultural significance is evident to the number of houses and buildings you will see in this city. What really made me visit this city? LECHON AND CHICHARON. No doubt they have the best chicharon!

What to do in Carcar?

  • ·       Carcar City Rotunda
  • ·   Carcar Public Market- I bought a kilo of lechon here priced at P280/Kilo. The stalls there would normally offer you “free taste”.  It wasn’t best as to my liking and preference but it is delicious nonetheless. Bukidnon Lechon wins my heart. Sorry, Carcar!
  • ·   Heritage House Hopping – The evidently preserved heritage houses in Carcar is worth checking out. Some houses that I like are; The Yap House, Silva House, Mercado House, ang Dakung Balay, Balay na Tisa, Mancao House, and Sato House.
  • ·       Carcar City Musuem

So, there you go. These are just a few towns you can visit in one go, given, a 5 day to a week. Please let me know in the comment box if this post was helpful. Happy Travels! Cheers!

NOTE: There are other towns I have not visited but hoping I get to visit next year such as Barili, Argao, Santander, Sibonga, Alegria, Samboan, Guinatilan, and Alcoy. 


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