Basic Calligraphy Workshop in Cagayan de Oro City

Hello! Hello Cagayan de Oro friends! Well,to my readers (do I have any?),  in case you don't know, this little wanderer has found its "temporary" home in this little but beautiful city of Cagayan de Oro. I've been living here for three months already and so far so good. Anyway, I've been doing so much stuff while I'm here; enrolled my self to the gym and got a personal trainer, honing my cooking skills, joined garage sales for a cause and basically just doing things that ignites whatever passion I have. 

So yea, also, if you have been stalking me on Instagram or Faebook, you might also noticed that I am quite into Calligraphy. I'm no good at it and definitely nowhere near pro but practice makes perfect, right? 

If ever you find your self wanting to create calligraphy or learn but really have no idea where to start, well, good news! A good friend of mine, Sim,  is doing a rounds of sharing her talent to everyone who wants to learn Calligraphy through a series of workshops. Sim of Sims Calligraphy is holding another workshop this coming weekend.

Details below: 

What you will learn from this workshop? 
Essentially, Ms. Sims will walk you through the basics, like how to hold the pen, how to use the pen, how to practice and bonus tips on what products to buy and use. 

***Starter kit includes a watercolor, 2 nibs, ink, practice sheets, worksheets, a pen holder and a certificate.** 

December 4, 2016 (Sunday) 2pm-5pm
Maison de Bonbon Cafe and Restaurant in The Nest
Coralles Ave., Ramon Chaves St., Cagayan de Oro City

Ms. Sim of Sims' Calligraphy
0905- 784 - 0035

There you go! If you're like me who's a big curious cat and just want to try things, then go sign up and join this workshop. It's cool to learn new stuff once in a while. 

Sims Calligraphy Workshop at Maison de Bonbon Restaurant, The Nest, last November 19, 2016

Some of the Artist's work below. 

Sims Calligraphy will also be in Davao City! Check out the poster for more details.

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