SO LONG, 2016!

2016 is about to end. Oh, that year that was. This year is quicker than any year, I don't know why but it felt like 2015 was just yesterday. I’ve been writing year-ender post since I created this blog. I honestly don’t want to write something this year but I know I should be, so here goes.

2016 is all about battling my inner demons. 2016 may not end how I wanted it to end but I am bringing  a bunch of lessons with me as I walk through 2017 and with that, I vow that I am going to use these lessons as my gears to achieving my 2017 goals.

Firstly, I simply just want to put it out here my 2017 goals.

Travel. Explore more of the Philippines. A lot of provinces that I have been dying to visit: Sulu, Tawi tawi, Masbate... The list is lengthy but at least try and make an effort to visit these provinces. Also, get to visit that one country I’m so curious about.

Money.  Be more practical. Cut the extreme impulse buyer in me and definitely prioritize saving money than spending.

In Love. Continue to wait for the right guy. Never shut doors and most importantly “know your worth, don’t fight for a spot in his life. If he wants you there, he’ll goddamn put you there. “The right guy is somewhere out there but definitely coming for you. Just chill and wait. 

In being a friend, a daughter, a sisters and an auntie. Be more open. Value them and actually just spend more time with them. They are all that I’ve got.

Health. This is something I’m trying to get serious about. I am awefully unhealthy and would really really love to change this big time.

Basically, in 2017, all I really want is to become a legit as fuck “RESPONSIBLE ADULT” and basically stop saying fuck and stop cursing like a damn sailor.  I WANNA BE A RESPONSIBLE ADULT FOR PETE’S SAKE!

This 2016 was a whirlwind experience that almost got me hit the bottom. I’ve failed immensely, hit the bottom terribly, and felt bad miserably. I’ve been a mess. I am a mess. A glorious mess at that. But despite all that, I know I learned my lessons and I’m about to make a glorious comeback. What the actual EFF, Shug?

2016 Travels. Did a lot of spontaneous trips this year and never regretted even a bit. I did canyoneering, went to a lot of beach and waterfalls, swam with sea turtles, went on various food trips, wandered to a lot of cities, and met a lot of new friends. 2016 travels were amazing.

2016 dating/ courtship/ whatnots. Fell in love. fell out of love. I did a lot of crazy things. Did a lot of stupid and really bad bad bad decisions for love. I wasn't my self for a brief moment. I let my self fail for love this year and that ended badly but that's okay. It's okay to fail. It's okay to cry. 

2016 Money thingamajigs. FUCK BEING AN ADULT WITH A MEASLY BANK ACCOUNT. I totally suck at managing my finances. I lost two freaking jobs this year and yah still jobless for the past three months and YAAAAH ending the year without a job. HOW ADULT OF YOU, SHUG! WOW! I am completely broke not that I don’t have money but knowing my savings gonna run out anytime soon and seeing my bank account as it drains day by day, hell, that scares the shit out of me. There’s just too much bills to pay and crap, too much nice clothes on sale.  Meow, scratch that! Sometimes, I just wanna disappear and just be a cat. No, Seriously, I am pretty weak this year and have mismanaged my finances badly. I’m definitely changing that in 2017.

In being a friend, a daughter, and an auntie. Yo girl, you gotta spend more time with them. I have always been that good friend, good daughter and a good auntie and that’s something I can always brag about. Maybe keep being this way, keep being good, keep being cool.

Did shit I love. Did a ton of shit I hated. But then again, I wanna keep living and be madly, ridiculously in love with life. I just want a simple life and have a lot of fun. Life is so fucking good. 
As we all bid good bye to 2016. I would like to end the year with a grateful heart. Grateful for the people who made an impact in my life, for the people who stood by me during my weakest, for the people who’s always been there for me no matter what, for the people who keeps on inspiring me and making me feel loved, and to all the people who keeps up with my crazies and shenanigans. 2016 was amazing and memorable because of all of you.Please, pretty please, stay the same y'all. I am also grateful for the experiences, may it be good or bad as this will carry me thru my way to adulthood. Ew. Hashtag mature.  I am thankful to the great big guy above for the undying love and blessings despite me being a bad adult. Thank you. Thank you. 2017 will be a year of making up, hustling, and another year to rock. So long, 2016! 

Sooooooo hello, 2017! I’m ready.

 I am my own damn sun, damn moon, star and sky. I will rock 2017. 


  1. Don't rush into love, it will come! Chos kala mo expert eh noh hehehe The right guy will come soon, in God's perfect timing. :)

    Grabe ka sa travels mo! Travel goals haha wish you more travels this year sis! :) And I wonder, what country is that you're curious about? Hehe

    Money, money money, I struggle with that too! Hahaha ang hirap maging adult! HahaTeka, yung two jobs mo ba is online jobs? hope you'll find a new job soon! para tuloy tuloy ang travels hehehe

  2. Happy 2017, Shugah! We have the same goals for this year, generally. Good luck to the book of us! And lol @ how I handled my finances last year too. Here's to hoping I'll do better this year.

    xx, Richel Goes Places


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