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I am a huge fan of travel booking apps. Whenever I have an upcoming trip, I would usually spend endless hours on my phone checking out potential hotels to stay. With the high surge of travel apps and websites, many travelers can now book travel deals with just a few clicks. I am pretty sure I’ve tried almost all travel apps in the market. I pride myself when it comes to hunting good travel deals so when my friend asked help for his upcoming trip to Davao City; I gladly obliged and helped him with his entire planning.

I’ve heard so much good things about Traveloka, I even saw its advertisement on TV and I got really curious. My friend told me I am in total control with the planning so I had to give Traveloka App a try.

How to use Traveloka App?

• Download the Traveloka App on Play Store or your Apple Store (if you are an IOS User)
o Search for “TRAVELOKA”
• Install the app on your phone
• Register for an account
• Search for flights or hotel deals
• Book and pay.
• Wait for your Flight/ hotel voucher. 


One thing I noticed with the Traveloka App is its user interface. The app is very user friendly, giving you just the easiest and most convenient way of booking experience. Traveloka App is such a sweet discovery! I am completely amazed!

**Check the photos and descriptions below for my personal experience.**

Downloading and Registering for an account was easy as 1 2 3.


We are keen on hotels near a specific site/area since my friend will have an exam, a closer hotel would be ideal so as not to be late and of course lesser travel time. Convenience is a top factor I always consider when booking a hotel. Also, great value for money. I clicked on “Hotels” tab, key- in my desired dates, number of nights, number of people staying and hit search. The app gave me a number of selections that is within the vicinity of the area I inputted. I am surprised to find that the hotel rates are undeniable lower than any other travel booking websites. I HAD TO COUNTER CHECK. It’s a few hundred cheaper than the travel booking website I checked on my desktop. SWEET!

For this booking, I chose Alu Davao Hotel as it is approximately just 300 meters away from my friend’s appointment. Convenience wise, my friend could just walk right from the hotel down to wherever his business is. The most amazing thing about this app is price transparency. Once you browse for available places to stay, you will immediately see the exact price you will be paying. No added hidden charges when you check out! This booking is a room good for two (2) and also comes with free breakfast for two and I got to save around Php600.00 by booking through Traveloka App. Sweet sweet deal, yes?


There are three (3) options to pay for your booking.
• Credit card (Visa and Mastercard)
• Bank Counters (Via Dragonpay)
• Payment Centers ( 7/11, Cebuana Lhuiller, and M Lhuiller)

Since my credit card is acting up, I channeled my payment thru bank counters (Via Dragonpay). Luckily, my bank, BPI is available. I would have chosen to pay thru payment center cause how cool is it to pay for your booking at your nearest 7/11 store?

Paying was a breeze, I just opened my mobile banking app, transferred the exact amount to the merchant’s account number, validated my payment, and voila! Payment was processed successfully within two minutes. You will then receive a system generated email confirming your payment and the booking voucher will soon follow after.

Note: Payment instruction will be sent to your email.

FINAL STEP: Wait for your Flight/ Hotel Voucher in your email.

The hotel booking voucher was sent to my email right after I validated my payment. I booked the hotel in just a few minutes! Talk about easy, swift, and convenient booking. That’s the yay factor in my opinion.

That was quick! Booking was made in just a few clicks in a few minutes. Now, here’s to hoping my friend will like the hotel I chose for him. You are awesome, Traveloka! I think we are going to be very very good friends from now on. *winks*

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