Mad Cow Pizza. The meaning of my life placed right before my eyes. This is tooooooo much to handle. YUM

I have always been a fan of anything with dough; I love quiche, empanadas, pies, and especially pizza. I enjoy pizza so much it’s one of my comfort food.  I got pretty excited when I heard that Pizzarella (Originally from Iligan City) is finally opening and coming to Cagayan de Oro City. No need to ask Iligan friends to buy me a box of Mad Cow Pizza. Yay!

Pizzarella Bistro was opened five years ago by the Portado brood of Iligan City. This business started with a dream and they made that dream into a fabulous reality. They wish to share these mouth-watering pizza products from Iliganons to Kagay-anons. Pizzarella opens it second branch in Cagayan de Oro City, strategically across The Nest along Corrales St. They have four branches in Mindanao, two in Iligan City and two in Cagayan de Oro City. 

I couldn’t count by my fingers at how many pizza places I’ve been to and I am very particular with my pizza standards. I’ve had too much bad pizza and plenty of good ones.  I’m not saying I’m a pizza pro but hey, it’s just me and I want my pizza with good dough. You know a crust that’s chewy but definitely not soggy. I’m no thin crust girl. I am happy to share with you that Pizarrella’s pizza dough didn’t fail me. With just one bite, you can already tell that it is of good quality, surely no weird artificial undertone taste you usually get from other commercial pizza place.

The ambiance of their store is rustic-inspired yet with contemporary cozy sensitivity. 

Their wide selection of tasty pizzas is sure to please even the pickiest eater. When you visit 
Pizzarella, be sure to order the Mad Cow Pizza and also the Chicago deep-dish pizza, Polpa. There’s something about it that I could not describe…  The meat and cheese medley is just so delightful with every bite. It is insanely moreish! I can see myself devouring this pizza when I’m sad, happy or when I’m PMS-ing.

Chicago Deep-dish Polpo (Photo via: )

 I got the chance to try a little bite of everything during the pizza party and I can say 
They are ultimately good. Apart from that, Green Jardin and Burgerella would be a bright choice for someone who likes a herby kick with your slice.

You can visit their website: for the Menu, prices, and ongoing promos.

Pizzarella opens today, May 26, 2017 at 10:00am. Grab your friends to their new branch at Corrales St. Fronting “The Nest”. Order the finest and enjoy it piping hot. 


Instagram: @pizzarellabistro
Twitter: @PizzarellaPH


How to get there: 


  1. Pizza is <3

    I am excited to try Pizzarella's pizzas for myself as well :)) it's good that it satisfied your preferences which assured me that their pizzas are indeed delicious! Looking at those pictures, I can see how mouthwatering those pizzas could be. Yuuum!

    1. Please tweet me if nakatry naka sa ila pizza langga ha ;D and please please order any of the two deep dish pizza. Grabe ka lami.


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