Beauty: Black Hairspray

NOTE: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are  100% my own.

Black Hairspray- is an online e commerce store that sells a wide selection of beauty products for everyone. They have the best deals on the world wide web and their wigs line would be my favorite. You all know that I have been sporting my blonde hair since forever (Bleached since 2011 tho) and I've been long wanting to change my hair color but couldn't pull all the strength in me to do so. Honestly, wigs and extensions would be my best bet. 

When I first discovered Black Hairspray it was because I was in a hunt for cheap lace front wigs and I am super glad I came across their website coz it never disappointed me. I spend hours browsing their entire collection. What I like is that, it is very affordable and 100% premium fiber and is curling iron safe so yayy yayy..  You can already get a wig as low as $12. Amazing isn't it?

you know what is really amazing? Their prices is the cheapest amongst all the websites I have checked. Without a doubt, I'm giving this store a try and order a black bob wig or something else. Lipstick, too, maybe. 

Are you also into beauty products lately? Do check this store out and tell me what you think. <3

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