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Insurance is a means of protection from Financial loss. Insurance policies aren't new to me. I certainly know for a fact that getting an insurance policy as early as you can is a good thing. The optimal age to buy an insurance is under 35.
Why is it important? It's a financial assurance to protect your family and loved ones. Apart  from protecting your family, life insurance can cover future college expenses for your dependent, estate, funeral, and a lot lot more. 

For me, life insurance is definitely a good investment. I attended a Financial Literacy forum by SunLife Financial about a week ago and I learned a lot from it. They discussed the history of the company where I learned they are the first insurance company in the Philippines, the benefits of getting a policy, and also the benefits of being a Sun Life Financial Advisor. 

With Sun Life Financial, policies comes in four stages. Getting started, moving up, planning ahead, and leaving a legacy which you can learn more about at their website: www.sunlife.com.ph

They have discussed also the experiences and benefits of being a financial advisor which was really encouraging for someone like me who wants to own my time while attending to all the daughter-tita-sister duties I need to attend to. Imagine all the travels you can have as the perks. Apart from that, a provident plan, HMO, Car Loan, Housing loan. You name it. 

Requirements are as follow if you are interested on becoming a Sun Life Financial Advisor

  • Join a #LiveBrighter Forum
  • Attend Interview
  • Sun Life Training Course
  • Pass the Licensing Exam at the Insurance Commision
  • Contract and Coding process with Sun Life

Interested to #LiveBrighter? Get to know Sun Life more by visiting their website: www.sunlife.com.ph or call 1800-10-5UNLIFE

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